Still Sewing For Me


I admit I’m starting to get burnt out on personal sewing.  Not so much because there’s nothing else I want to make.  There is!  It’s just…  I’m trying to reduce my stash so no buying. That seriously limits what I can

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But She’s So Cute!


These aren’t great pictures and there’s nothing that I’ve made here.  Unless you count the kid.  Saturday was the May Show at her preschool.  Each class dances and sings along to a song.  I got snap happy when souricette 2

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Photo Monday – After the Rain


I got up early yesterday morning.  5:15 early.  As much of a morning person as I am, that’s still early for me.  The plan was to set up my camera on its tripod, get the timer remote control ready, and

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Birdie Top


Remember this top?  I finished it!  It’s far from perfect but I I’ll wear it anyway and keep tweaking the pattern. Looks pretty good from the front, yes?  (I’m in a better mood than I look.) I used the bird

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Photo Monday – Freeze!


I’ve been meaning to get better at action shots.  I tend to focus on aperture to get the depth of field I want but then, if the girls move, they’re blurry.  Yesterday, I managed to convince souricette 1 to be

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Jalie x 3


I have three new T-shirts and I managed to get them all photographed this week!  All patterns are by Jalie.  I truly don’t get why I don’t read about them more online.  I know I’ve said it before but I’ll

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Me Made May and More

My head is so filled with apartment hunting and the stress of moving that I can hardly focus on anything else.  It feels like there’s this annoying fly harassing me all the time.  Seriously.  All. The. Time.  Fashion Revolution Day

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