New Mingo and Grace


When you move to a new place, a lot less sewing takes place for a while.  But then, Farrah asks for testers for her new pattern, MG2715, and well, you just have to fit it in! This one is a

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Spinning Stuff


It’s called Hydrangea but to me, it’ll always be Monet’s water lilies, the one from MoMA. The fiber is Blueface (that’s a kind of sheep) from Gale’s Art, bought in Rhinebeck almost two years ago. I liked the colors.  Pink, purple,

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Photo Monday – Backyard


The house where my parents live, where I grew up, has a small wooded area with a stream at the bottom. I used to go down there when I was bored.  And then, I just wanted to follow the stream

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And We Shall Never Speak of This One Again

After today, I mean. Little miss V is going to a new preschool in September and they have a looong list of things I must send in with her. On that list: two blankets (and other stuff too). One for

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Photo Monday – Not Quite The Woods


Oh hey, I’m back!  We moved in to our new place two weeks ago and there are still some boxes lying around… We have an awesome view from the rooftop but I haven’t had the time to get the camera

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Four Years Old!


(No, still not home but I just had to find a way to get a post up for V’s birthday!) One morning, I was talking with E (souricette 1).  V wasn’t up yet. E noticed the coffee I was using. 

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Photo Monday – The Last One

By the time you read this, we won’t be in our house anymore but not in our apartment yet either.  (Insert sarcastic yay right here.)  As we were preparing for this new adventure, I hoped I would get to see

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