Photo Monday – Bronx Zoo


Guess where we went!  You only get one try… We took the girls and my parents to the zoo on Saturday.  It was mostly a special treat for souricette 2 since she didn’t have a birthday party with friends this

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Taking a Break


It’s needed sometimes, isn’t it?  These past weeks, I’ve been so busy.  You know, that sterile busy.  I had some exciting projects like the art themed outfits for my girls during KCW and something else that’s top secret.  And I

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Photo Monday – California Flora


In 2003, I went to Peru with Mr. Mouse.  I saw a real cactus for the first time.  Sure, I’d seen them in pots or at botanical gardens but I’d never seen any in their native environment.  Just there.  I

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Iris on the Line

Remember May?  Me-Made-May to be exact.  I had pledged to make myself 5 things.  I did make 5 things but not what I thought I’d make.  I really wanted some new shorts and I had the Iris pattern from Colette.

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Guess Who’s Three!


This little ham! Three years ago, I went to the hospital.  A few hours later, I had this little thing in my arms. Champion nurser, that one.  Which is how she got these glorious thighs… And she still loves her

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Photo Monday – California Girls


Are you sick of the California pictures yet?  I still have one more week and then a special photo before I’m done. Before today, I focused on the places we went.  When I edited down to 12 pictures, I had

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Tour de Fleece Wrap Up


I had two goals for Tour de Fleece: finish spinning and plying my alapaca and spin enough blue faced leicester to try out navajo plying.  So how did I do?  Let’s see… Here are my little 2-ply alpaca hanks! I

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